Tyres – Keeping your Buyer on Track

New tyres look great. They compliment a vehicle and there is no mistaking them when you see them. When you go to sell a used car it is important to think of not only the aesthetic appeal of the vehicle but what value added options you can give to the buyer. If the tyres are new it is another cost the buyer won’t have to incur when they get it checked over for road worthiness. It also shows the buyer you care about the deal they are getting and have taken steps to give them something worth buying.

Tyres are not generally all that expensive. Don’t go out and buy top of the line low profile tyres. Get something cheap and practical. Trying to sell a used car with bad tyres is like selling a lolly pop with no lolly. It makes you look like you are haven’t cared about the car’s upkeep or the buyer. The money you spend on new tyres will be easily absorbed by the sale price of the vehicle and it will ensure your buyer won’t get a flat tyre when they drive away with vehicle after the deal has been done.

If you can’t afford new tyres then get some retreads put on the car. Retreads are cheap alternative and will do a lot to make the car look and drive safe. Bald tyres are not only unsafe but also look terrible. It will also go a long way to help the buyer make up their mind when they take a test drive of the vehicle. Cars drive differently depending on what condition the tyres are in. If the day the buyer takes the car for a test drive is raining then it is not only unsafe but it could lead to an accident that is not completely covered by your insurance.

It is surprising how closely buyers will scrutinise the tyres of a vehicle when you sell a used car. It makes a lot of sense that they do. It is what is actually keeping the vehicle on the road. There is no way I will allow my family into a car that has bald tyres. I actually prefer to replace my tyres when they still have around fifty percent of their tread left. They do wear out fairly quickly and the difference in the time it takes to stop with bald tyres compared to new ones is huge. If you need to stop quickly and skid it can take a lot of the tread off. It is just reassuring to know you have tyre tread to spare (so to speak).

Don’t be stingy with your buyer, make sure the tyres are in good condition and the chance to sell a used car will increase dramatically. It is not only matter of safety but visual appeal as well. It lets the buyer know you care about the vehicle and this belief will transfer to the rest of the vehicle. A happy buyer is one that thinks they have got a good deal.

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