There Is More To Selling Your Car For Cash Than A Used Car Price Guide!

Anyone who looks to sell a car for cash is very keen to ensure they do get the best price possible – at least the current market value! It is always advised to do as much research as possible online, checking out local area dealers, vehicle trading publications and nearby car auctions.

It should not be difficult to ‘get a feel’ for the ‘going rate’ of the make and model of your vehicle when attempting to value a car.  In this way, at least you will know that a quote provided by a used car buyer is either close to or way off the current market value.

Another likelihood is that you may spend time delving into the various used car price guides generally available in local newsagents or online. The advice here is that they are really no more than a basic reference and not necessarily a car dealer’s bible! 

A professional buyer takes many different elements of an individual car type, specification, condition, history, rarity and external market forces into consideration, which are factored into a final quoted price. In other words, making a price comparison between a used car guide and a dealer’s price may or may not be useful to understanding your car’s particular resale value.

The Parkers Guide is one of the most well-known and commonly available of Used Car Price references in the last forty years. However, it is generally considered to be for the general public only and not really taken seriously by professional car traders! You might be taken as a novice car seller if you happen to take along a copy or refer to it in conversation with a professional dealer!

While the provision of a car valuation is never an exact science, simply because every car is likely to be different, an established, reputable car buyer should offer a price which, if you have done your homework properly, you will have to admit is more likely to really be a fair and reasonable price!

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