Documents Are Fundamental To Selling Your Car For Cash!

You would think that a vehicle owner would carefully prepare everything they can think of well before and on the day they are to sell a car for cash to ensure nothing will stop a smooth and pain-free transaction! But there can be those occasions when our driver arrives to collect a car from the seller only to find the customer has forgotten a vital document! Or there is something irregular with the paperwork.

The crucial need to bring all the required documents is mentioned on our website here and in FAQs.  In addition, all the team here at Sell My Car make every effort to remind customers that all the proper legal paperwork must be present and correct after a quote for the value of your car has been accepted and delivery arrangements made. We all lead busy lives and it is so easy to either forget where a certain piece of paper is kept or it’s no longer in the place you think you left it - or it was the last time you looked!

We all know about the five Ps : Perfect Planning Prevents Poor Performance – it applies as much to our own memory for not forgetting paperwork as tuning the car management system the day before!

There’s only four items to remember …

The key document of course, is the Logbook, known as the V5C Registration document. It accompanies all vehicles in any transaction and exchange process and every car owner knows this, so it should not be too hard to forget! Next is the car Service History – often in the form of a booklet, which should show a sequence of garage stamps for work undertaken, MOTs, etc. Actual detailed garage receipts should be included.

Any loan taken out to buy the car with an amount still owing must be settled immediately with the lender. That’s why it’s vital to produce all the necessary paperwork with the proof of payment history and the outstanding figure for our driver to deal with when collecting the car.

Final item – and the one most often overlooked – is proof of ID! Once again, it is standard procedure with just about every transaction these days so you should be able to put together at least one or two documents, like a passport, driving licence utilities bill, rent agreement, medical card, of which one must include a recent photo!

The beauty of the way that Sell The Car For Cash works is that we take the unnecessary hassle out of selling your car. If all four items mentioned above are clean, shipshape and ready to go too, then nothing can be easier, quicker or a joy to our customer when the sale is completed and the money goes through!

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