Sell Your Car For Cash With No Strings Attached!

The popularity of an online car buyer site like Sell My Car reflects the growing trend for car owners to be able to simply sell their car and receive a good price when they do not wish to buy their next car from the same dealer! Seen as a real and liberating breakthrough in just exchanging a car for cash with no strings attached, the benefits to all types of car sellers are very clear.

Firstly, you avoid the feeling of being ‘short-changed’ when trading in your car against the purchase of your next car with the same dealer. Unlike the open new way of simply just going online to value a car and being quoted for just the purchase!

Many car sellers and dealers view the lack of a vehicle to trade-in as a disadvantage in the negotiation process, whereas, in reality the opposite is very much the case and increasingly so in both the new and used car buying market. The traditional dealer tends to offer a nominal price to take in your old car, and therefore, little real impact on the selling price of the new car and the negotiation on extras!

Companies like Sell My Car also understand and value a customer relationship in the hope that if the customer feels they have been treated fairly and looked after properly, they are more likely to return. Traditional dealers have been accused of short-termism in their often stated belief that customer loyalty no longer applies.

Consumer studies show that, in fact, customers are just as concerned with issues such as trust, honesty, integrity and good service as they are with obtaining a ‘best’ price. With the rise of buying and selling online, customers look for a straightforward transaction. 

The rise of internet car buying only sites also reflects not only the desire for the seller to be free in their choice of buying their next car, but also to make a fast and efficient sale, completed in one or two days only, rather than impatiently wait, often in vain, by traditional outdated advertising methods.

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